It's what's on the inside that counts.

Photo:   Chris Dorwart

At Mia Ellsworth & Co. customization doesn't stop with adding your name. Because a planner keeps track of the majority of your life it shouldn't be limited to one aspect of who you are.

Customize the inside pages with what's important in your life and we'll help bring purpose to your organizing. 


One size does not fit all.

Most people struggle to find a productivity tool that's set up exactly how they want it to be. So we give you the ability to control the design of your layout, allowing you to stick with an organizational system and have less stress in your daily life.

We believe individuals are all so different and bring unique talents into the world. This company celebrates diversity and offers solutions for any needs. Given the right tools individuals can succeed in their ambitions whatever they may be. 

Explore different starting layouts and personalize the inside pages of your planner because that's what really matters. 

Photo:  Chris Dorwart

Designed for your lifestyle.

What works for one person might not work for another. Instead of designing one layout for everyone Mia Ellsworth & Co. designs for different lifestyles, personalities and needs. 

It all started in 2014 with Mia's need for a planner that worked for her. From making her first planner to creating new layouts for friends designs have always been about the individual. 

Read about Mia's personal experience below.


Hi, my name is Mia.

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I needed something different.

I was an overwhelmed student with ADHD and particular about certain details. I spent hours sitting in stores searching through a planner that would work but nothing was completely what I needed.

My effort to stay organized always dwindled out after a week or two and it was back to sticky notes and chaos. This had a negative impact on my ability to keep track of due dates, meetings or commitments to friends. When I failed to remember these things I would beat myself up inside.

My planner made it possible to succeed.

My planner made me dependable for my friends, intentional in my goals and more compassionate to myself.

Suddenly, I saw that I could do it, I was smart and I had many reasons to be confident. Now, what I enjoy most is seeing how other people think and figuring out a way to meet their needs.

Knowing I can tell another person they can do it, they are adequate or the way they are is okay is my sole motivation.



I was able to combine my love for design and people with my deep interest in psychology. Mia Ellsworth & Co. was created with the purest intent: to make others feel empowered and confident in themselves.

Able to connect the dots and see things in an unconventional way, creating personalized layouts quickly became my favorite thing to do. Seeing the amount of joy that came from a personalized planner gave me the drive to create this company.

Here I get to use my unique talents and interests even though they span from psychology to art and algorithms to philanthropy. Our custom planners can help change lives which is what I love the most.



The main purpose of my business card is to drop in raffles for a free lunch at restaurants.

I used to think Chelsea Handler's last name was Lately. I still get confused sometimes.

Amy Poehler is one of my biggest role models and I hope to one day meet her or be adopted by her.

People always guess I am extroverted but my closest friends know I need a lot of time to "introvert" (Myers Briggs: INFP).

I say some words weirdly (not because of an accent), like open: "ol-pen", plain: "play-in", salsa: "soul-sa". Who knows...