It's what's on the inside that counts.

Photo:  Chris Dorwart

At Mia Ellsworth & Co. customization doesn't mean simply adding your name.

You are able to customize the inside pages to make a layout exactly how you want.

One size does not fit all.

Most people struggle to find a productivity tool that's set up exactly how they want it to be. So we let you personalize your layout, allowing you to stick with an organizational system and have less stress in your daily life.

You have your own ambitions, important values, and (a wonderful) personality. Build a M|E Co. book that's as unique as you.

Explore different starting layouts and tweak it to fit your lifestyle.

Photo:  Chris Dorwart

Designed for your lifestyle

Mia Ellsworth & Co. designs for different lifestyles, personalities and needs. 

We celebrate diversity and are dedicated to offering solutions for any and all needs.

We encourage you to contact us if you have specific needs which are not currently met through our designs. We'd love to hear from you. 


Hi, my name is Mia.

Mia Web Profile.jpg

Let me tell you a story about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. 

I was an overwhelmed student with ADHD and frustrated I couldn't find a planner, app, or system that worked for me. I would spend hours sitting in stores searching through a planner that would work but nothing was completely what I wanted.

My effort to stay organized always dwindled out after a week or two and it was back to sticky notes and chaos.


I needed something different

I made a layout that made sense to me so it was intuitive and easy to use. For the first time I was able to stick with an organizational system and stay on top of it all. 

I was able to spend my energy accomplishing my dreams instead of trying to stay organized. My #MECobook enabled me to be the better self I longed and knew I could be.

It's liberating to be who you want to be and fulfilling to live into your potential. The best part is it's possible too. Find a layout that works for you and be your best self.


Fun facts

  • The main purpose of my business card is to drop in raffles for a free lunch at restaurants

  • I used to think Chelsea Handler's last name was Lately- I still get confused sometimes

  • Amy Poehler is one of my biggest role models and I hope to one day meet her or be adopted by her

  • People always guess I am extraverted but my closest friends know I need a lot of time to introvert (Myers-Briggs: INFP)

  • I say some words weirdly (not because of an accent), like open: "ol-pen", plain: "play-in", salsa: "soul-sa"