Planner & Customization:


We offer our classic 8.5" x 11" spiral bound M|E Co. Book with a laminated or vinyl cover.
Why did we start here? We love the ability to have our planners lay flat, flip back to back and don't get stuck on metal wires.

Different sizes, binding and cover types are currently in development. 



A planner can either be 6 months or 12 months, and include the daily, weekly, monthly, or combination of those three layouts. The 6 month option is perfect academic semesters or trying out a new layout.


How do I customize a planner?

Starting templates are sorted based off their layouts (daily, weekly, monthly) and then their orientation (vertical days, horizontal days, combination). The form to customize a planner comes up when an item is added to the cart. We are currently developing an interactive process so changes can be seen automatically.


What can I change about a layout?

The form to customize a planner comes up when an item is added to the cart. All aspects of a layout that can be customized are listed on the form, but it varies with different layouts.


Are these all the options available?

All templates ready to be customized are listed. Repurchase previously customized layouts by searching a past order number on the Archived Designs page. Layouts ordered before January 2017 are being edited to be compatible with our new software and will be added on request. 


How do I make sure I filled out the form correctly?

You may find it helpful to open the original layout in another tab as you fill out the customization form. Any references to the default layout will look like the planner shown. There is a place to leave notes at the end of the form to double check on any edits.


How do I include a monthly calendar?

Start by choosing the weekly or daily planner layout you would like as your main layout. When adding the product to your cart, the customization form will pop up. Select the option you would like in the "Monthly Insert" section.


Can I buy an unbound version?

To purchase a planner unpunched and unbound, please write "UNPUNCHED" in the "Notes for Mia" section on the customization form.


What if the changes I would like to make are not offered?

First, check to see if there are any layouts listed as "similar to this planner" in the product description. The changes you want may be offered in a similar layout. All aspects of a layout that can be customized are listed on the form, but you may contact us with a description of your needs for future layouts. More choices will be able to be offered as we develop the interactive process.


Is there an electronic version of these planners?

Mia Ellsworth & Co. planners are only offered in printed versions, but you can order unbound and unpunched versions.


For questions about paper thickness, refer to the "Paper" section.

Orders & Shipping:

What if a planner is out of stock?

We currently have a limited capacity for production, but encourage you to subscribe to emails for dates items are made available.


How long until my order is shipped?

Please add appropriate amount of time for delivery according to the shipping method you selected. 

  • Orders with Custom M|E Co. Books are shipped within 10 to 15 business days

  • Orders of only Archived M|E Co. Books are shipped within 5 to 10 business days

  • Exceptions to this timeline are in cases where the address cannot be verified or pre-orders


How do I change my shipping address on an order?

You may change your shipping address within 48 hours of your purchase


Defective Orders:

I received a defective planner (missing some pages, out of order, etc.) What do I do?

We sincerely apologize for that! Please email with "DEFECTIVE PLANNER #[your order number]" in the subject line and give us a brief explanation of your situation with pictures so we can take care of it for you!

I received the wrong planner. What do I do?

Fiddlesticks. We are so sorry! Please email with “RECEIVED WRONG PLANNER #[your order number]” in the subject line and the e-mail associated with your order. Additionally, please write "RTS" on the package in large font and circle the return address.


Do pens or highlighters bleed through?

This is at the top of our Pet Peeve List so the short answer is no-way. 

Our paper is chosen with bleed-through in mind. While it will depend on the type of writing utensil, most pens, markers, and highlighters have very minimal show-through (if any).  Lightweight paper which is used in daily layouts has some show-through but is thicker than normal printer paper. 

How do I know what type of paper will be used in my planner?

The type of paper will typically be listed with the length you select. For detailed information, please read below. 

Cardstock (110#):

  • weekly planners of 6 months

  • weekly+monthly planners of 6 months

  • monthly planners up to 14 months

Heavyweight (32#):

  • weekly planners of 10-12 months

  • weekly+monthly planners of 10-12 months

  • daily+monthly planners of 6 months

Lightweight paper (24#):

  • daily+monthly planners of 10-12 months

  • daily+weekly+monthly planners of 6 months


Where are the planners manufactured?

Our planners are designed in-house and crafted from the best materials. All products are Made in the USA and ship directly from our office.

Do you make planners in exchange for a review on my blog/website?

We want product reviews to be as authentic as possible so we do not offer any merchandise or discounts for writing a review. 

Do I earn anything for referrals?

We hear referring friends does give you a priceless satisfaction and encourage you to keep it up! We appreciate your excitement, but do not currently have a referral system in place. 

Are Mia Ellsworth & Co. planners sold in stores?

Mia Ellsworth & Co. does not currently sell through other venues. You can fill out the contact form as a potential vendor here, and we will reach out to you when we are ready.